Anthos Yoga

A unique yoga experience

as Maria explains:

“Holistic yoga is at the core of our philosophy, viewing the body and mind as completely interconnected. As we merge different styles together, a therapeutic approach is prevalent through all classes inviting you to truly feel your feelings.” (ask for links)

SD World Training

A Personal Project

SD stands for Spyros Davrados, the man behind this unique personal training experience that involves outdoor activities and personal guidance and it’s expanding all over the world.

We shot this mostly with the Leica 50mm during sunrise and sunsets.

This was the first attempt as The Film Tailors to manage social media. For that reason we created a series of short videos detached from the main video to run our successful campaign. (ask for links)

Tampah Hills

Project’s Story

The vision of Tampah Hills, an incredible unique project that is underway in Lombok, Indonesia.

I was travelling alone in Indonesia shooting videos for some local hotels in Lombok with my Sony a6500 on a gimbal and 2 lenses, in exchange of free accomodation. The videos were seen by many people and I got offered this project to showcase the dream Tampa Hills that is going to be the most sustainable and luxurious project in Lombok. It was an amazing experience hiking with locals and learning the culture of Indonesia.

Thanks also to Jon Olsson and Benjamin Ortega for some of the stunning Drone Shots used in this video!

If you like the Tampah Hills project, follow their progress on

Bioaroma Crete

The Philosophy Of The Company

Bioaroma Crete, founded in 2007 in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, is a pioneering organic cosmetics and perfumes company, environmentally friendly with sustainable development. Their mission is to utilize the natural wealth of Greek land by creating high-quality organic cosmetics and fragrances, by incorporating vertically integrated action sequences, starting from the field and finishing on the shelf.

All of their raw materials originate from a 100-acre private area where 150 different types of aromatic plants and herbs are organically grown, whilst there is also organic bee farming. Herbs and plants processing, takes place at their company’s central facilities. These premises are visitable and include essential oil distillery, herbal extractor, seed press, fragrance and soap manufacturing, laboratories where the creation and packaging of organic cosmetics are done, botanical garden as well as a unique interactive Experience

Kritsa Olive Oil

Quality First

Kritsa olive oil. Its every drop reveals the unique care with which it has been produced for over a century.Its story began in 1927, when a group of passionate olive growers in Kritsa set out to give the world a superior olive oil, with a peppery flavour and very low acidity.

In an unbroken tradition, they firmly honour their commitment that every drop of cold extracted oil that comes from their mill will unfailingly be better than before.
Their unique Koroneiki cultivar is their only care all year round. The fruit is picked as soon as it fully matures, and within a few hours its “juice” is ready to embark on a journey around the world.

Their exquisite olive oil has been honorably mentioned and has received prizes in many competitions. To them, however, its bearing the name of its birthplace is the greatest honour of all.

Agios On Sup

The Inspiration

A Cretan lumberjack discovers the stand up paddle and decides to give it a try on his own.

That was the first video we created for the Agios Nikolaos on Sup event which now is considered on of the biggest SUP events in Greece and Europe.

The humorist approach is our favourite mean of storytelling. The video went viral all over Greece and the next following years we continued creating stories to promote the event in a funny way. The cretan is still our favourite.

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