The Island Concept

Project Description

A Greek island seaside resort

Shot with BMPCC6K and Leica lenses

So It Goes – Lombok

Project’s Story

My first visit on Lombok island in Indonesia where I exchanged a video for free stay and this brand new (then) beautiful hotel. It was a most pleasing video to create because I was given the opportunity to explore the beauty of the island.

St Nicolas Bay Resort

The Philosophy Of Service

St Nicolas Bay Hotel is a well awarded resort located in Agios Nikolaos Crete with a unique location and a bay area.

Their philosophy is that they will serve their customers in any given way. Even if the have to walk on rocks to get to them.

Mana Yoga Retreat – Lombok

It’s All About Karma

During my stay in Indonesia my fame was ahead of me. I was looking for a place to stay and I was sending emails to hotels and resorts I liked to offer my video services. When I met the guys at Mana Yoga Retreat they had already seen my previous work and they where delighted to have me stay with them and create a video. one week became one month and the rest is history. One of the best stays I’ve had in Indonesia so far.

Music Videos