Theatro Tou Dromou – Giannis Xaroulis

Project Description

Giannis Xaroulis latest song and first ever video captured clip

Theatro tou Dromou

Lyrics Eleni Fotaki

Music Giannis Xaroulis

Shot with BMPCC6K and Leica lenses



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Melancholia – Giannis Xaroulis

We Took The Mountains

That was not an organised production. Giannis and his band were taking some time off in between live concerts and we decided to spend 2 days in the mountain area of Crete and shoot handheld as much as possible to make this music video which represents the lyrics in an ironic way.

“Bite me but don’t eat me melancholy”




Psarogiorgis – Gazarte

The Pioneer

Creating a promo video for this legend cretan musician during his live concert in Gazzarte. His music portfolio is so grand that you enjoy listening in any form. From jazz to tradiotional cretan and to experimenting compositions, Psarogiorgis and his family are considered the pioneers of cretan and experimental music.


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Dia-kritikos Sirtos

The Cretan Company

Violin: Sfakianos Giannis

Lute: Laurijsen Charis

Percussion: Androulakis Grigoris

Music: Traditional Lyrics: 1 Massaros Emilios-2, 3

Traditional Dia-kritikos Sirtos (Sirtos is a circular dance performed by many together) Sirtos or Chaniotis / Chaniotikos, is nowadays considered to be the most popular dance in the whole of Crete, having its roots in the prefecture of Chania while its spread to the other regions of Crete began about a century ago. In this particular musical piece “diakritikos”, three (sirtos) pieces from Chania are being played which are no longer missing from any festivities in Crete (First, Lusakian and Kolymbarian). The title is purely a neologism based on the way it is played, as, it is influenced by approaches of traditional musicians from Sitia to Kissamos. #sfakianosgiannis #charislaurijsen 

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